Here are some tunes for your enjoyment.  
The collection is kind of guitar focused, but I play all instruments, and you may recognize some vocal clips.  In fact you'll figure out that some tracks are just a vehicle (excuse) for me to mess around on guitar over the top.  I don't pretend it's awesome, I'm just having fun.

Take a listen to the four 'albums' below, feedback encouraged.  Thanks, and enjoy.


Dial Again was a fun first 'album' from 2006.  Most of these were never really 'finished', but they were fun to make - enjoy.


Early Reasoning is a collection of my first playing around with the program Reason from Propellerheads. I had some fun getting to know Reason, learning how to make it do things, exploring etc.


Don't Really Have Anything to Say is a collection of tunes, from 2010 and 2011. A mix of styles, most are really experiments or me just trying something. Check them out, and I hope you enjoy.


Modern Man is a  mix of songs from 2012 and 2013 that blend styles, digital and analog, and influences from jazz, rock, blues, techno club and ambient - hope you enjoy.


More to come...